Why Meditation Is Hard and How CBD May Be Able to Help

Do you meditate daily? Have you tried meditation with little to no success? One of the biggest struggles for those who try to meditate is that they attempt to attach a goal to the practice. While the aim is to quiet your mind, become more present, and enhance awareness of yourself, a hard “goal” can be exactly what’s disrupting your meditative practice. What’s more, you may have been suggested meditation as a way to cull your anxiety. While this may be a solution for some, it’s not for everyone. Meditation is a practice, not a solution. Keeping this in mind, certain CBD products may be great to pair with your meditative sessions. In this article, you’ll find the reasons why most people struggle with meditation, how you can shift your perspective of mediation, and which CBD products may be great options to pair with your meditation practice.

Why You Struggle with Daily Meditation

As mentioned above, you may be struggling with meditation because you’ve placed pressure on yourself to achieve a “goal” with your practice. While it’s paramount to have a reason why you’re meditating, the practice of it is not like a race or a competition. You don’t keep score, and you’re not in pursuit of 10,000 hours of active practice.

Remove Meditation Goals

If you’re struggling with meditation, take a look at why you’re doing it and how you define success around meditation. This “goal” may be why meditation is difficult for you. Consider relieving yourself of all goals for meditation practice. Focus on your breathing, the moment you’re in, and allowing your thoughts to float on past like clouds in the sky or leaves in a river.

Create a Meditation Routine

Routine is power when it comes to optimizing your life. Attempting to squeeze your meditation in between two obligations can create tension and resentment toward the practice. Create a specific time or place for your meditation. Keep this time and place sacred for the use of your meditation practice. If you truly want to yield the benefits of meditation, you will need to schedule it like you do meetings, food, or a night out with friends.  

Build a Support Network

There’s a reason why those who practice meditation have a support network built into their routine. Meditating with a group of people may not be your style, but scheduling a bi-monthly meetup or getting to a studio for some meditation may be a great way to keep you accountable, as well as connected with others around the same practice.

Keep Yourself Inspired

One of the hardest steps to take in meditation is sitting down to do it. If you have what writers call “butt-in-chair” syndrome than you know that sitting or lying down to meditate is the most difficult step in the entire process. A great way to get started each day with your practice is to keep yourself inspired. Read stories about those who meditate and find their peace. Listen to specific types of calming music that bring you into the mood to meditate. Call on your support network to motivate and inspire you to keep practicing.

Define Your Specific Meditation Practice

For most, counting breaths is the starting point for their meditation. Did you know that there are dozens of meditative practices that you can rely on to find peace? Here are some common types of meditation:

Love-Kindness Meditation

Progressive Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Breath-Awareness Meditation

Kundalini Yoga

Zen Meditation

Transcendental Meditation

Embrace Your Mind

If you believe that a “quiet mind” must be achieved before you can meditate, you’ve got false information. It’s time you embrace your “loud” mind. It’s a part of you, and meditation is about hugging all parts of you and loving them. If you’re busy “fighting” your mind, you’ve placed a goal on your practice to quiet your mind. A goal causes stress where it’s not needed. Instead, allow your mind to do what it would like. Focus it on something specific like your breathing. If it wanders, gently bring it back to your breath. There’s no need to “punish” your mind for wandering. This is what our society has trained it to do — bounce from one thing or the next. Instead, be kind to your mind and guide it with compassion.

Release Your Problem Creation

As a human, we inherently love meaning. Everything we consume from stories to food to gossip all revolve around our “addiction” to solving problems so that we can apply meaning of some kind. A common struggle in meditation is that we create a problem around meditating. For example, you may believe you’re meditating incorrectly. This leads to you trying to figure out how to meditate better. Then, you’re on a negative thought-cycle, riding it around town screaming at yourself for taking the “wrong turn” while meditating. This doesn’t sound peaceful, does it? Instead, see through the idea that there is a problem and just be with yourself.

Include CBD in Your Meditation Practice

It’s shown throughout history that humans have used various chemicals to enhance their meditative practices. What’s more, your unique experience with CBD may be able to alter how you show up to your meditation. If you’re constantly anxious, nervous, or irritable, you may have an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. However, if you’re feeling great but you want to have a different experience with meditation, CBD may be able to help. Here are some potential CBD products you may want to try:

C Beyond Health: Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD Products

Whether you meditate, do yoga, or go for runs, CBD may be able to help enhance your practice. What’s more, how your body reacts to CBD may make it easier to meditate. At C Beyond Health, we’re here to deliver you the best pharmaceutical-grade CBD products on the market.

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