The Ultimate CBD Product Buyer’s Guide

As CBD continues to grow throughout the national market, more people are wondering if there is a way to tell the quality of CBD in the products they are purchasing. It’s an important consideration, seeing that you will eventually be consuming the product you purchase. What’s more, the quality of the CBD that you purchase will directly affect the experience you have when consuming it. Over the last few decades, CBD has proven to be a wonderful remedy for a variety of disease states and enhancing one’s life. In this article, C Beyond Health is going share the ultimate guide to buy CBD products.

The History of CBD

For years, CBD has struggled to find its place in the market. Seeing that it’s a derivative of two different plants that offer very different effects. On the one hand, you have cannabis, which offers a variety of chemical compounds like CBD, CBG, THC, and a full spectrum of terpenes, depending on the strain. On the other hand, you have hemp, which falls under the Cannabis sativa plant family as a subspecies, that offers a variety of nutritious benefits, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. CBD can be found in both of these plants, but it was the amount of THC that was extracted alongside CBD that made it hard for suppliers to bring CBD products to market. Now, hemp-derived CBD is a legal product in all 50 states due to its extremely low levels of THC content — below 0.3 percent.

The Market Investing in CBD

Now that CBD is flooding the market, investors are making risky moves to gain a foothold. They are making money and reinvesting it into the industry as a whole. This means that CBD, CBG, and other related products are here to stay for a while. This also means that more scientific and medical studies are being scheduled to continue to prove the wonderful benefits of CBD and CBG.

Who Else Is Using CBD?

People all over the nation are using CBD to remedy their disease states or enhance their lives. What’s more, CBD is becoming popular globally. With this in mind, as you search for CBD products online, it can become overwhelming with so many options and brands to choose from. That’s why in this article you will find the ultimate guide to choosing your CBD products.

What You Ought To Know About CBD Before You Buy

You need to ask yourself the initial question: “Do I need a CBD product?” If the answer is yes, then you can begin your CBD search, but you need to understand that it may take a few purchase attempts before you find the best CBD product for your life. In an effort to help you choose the right product, C Beyond has put together the guide below.

Step #1. Determine How The Hemp Was Grown

If you’re looking to purchase legal CBD products in America, you need to choose hemp-derived CBD. Cannabis-derived CBD will have more THC content, and it will be illegal, as of this post, in a number of states. However, hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states. With that being said, you want to determine how the hemp plant was grown because the health of the soil the plant was grown in determines the potency and effectiveness of the CBD products you will eventually purchase. Did you know that the hemp is a remediation plant? This means that it consumes the nutrients, toxins, and minerals that are in the soil. The health of the soil is imperative to the quality of the hemp plant, which directly affects the quality of the CBD product. It’s important that you choose an organic source for your CBD products.

Step #2. Determine The Amounts of THC in The CBD Product

As of this post, all CBD products have some THC content in them. However, as mentioned above, hemp-derived CBD offers an extremely low THC content — less than 0.3 percent. The THC content in hemp-derived CBD is so low that it won’t affect the human body. If you do want to purchase cannabis-based CBD, make sure you understand the THC content of the product you’re purchasing. THC is what delivers the psychoactive effects of being “high” that so many enjoy. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for relief, hemp-derived CBD is going to be your best choice. One way you can check THC content levels is through a CBD Oil certification. Those that are certified to sell CBD products legally in the USA have their products certified to meet the 0.3 percent or less THC threshold.

Step #3. Cross Check CBD Products

Your health and wellness is of utmost importance. This is why you should cross-check your CBD products before you buy them. What does this mean? You will want to take a look at the product certificate to check for potential chemicals, toxins, or other potentially harmful ingredients. Ideally, you want to find organic CBD products that you can use for your life. Checking the ingredient list and how it was sourced will give you a better idea on what you’re consuming.

Step #4. Understand The CBD Extraction Process

There are a number of ways that CBD can be extracted. In fact, here is a list of some of the primary ways CBD can be extracted from both hemp and cannabis:

Water and steam distillation





CBD can be extracted and used as an oil or a powder. Depending on what type of capsule you purchase, you may get one or the other. The brands you purchase from should offer you a brief overview of how or where their CBD products are sourced from and the process that is used. In some cases, you will find CBD products that are sold but not manufactured by the same company. This is when you will need to do a little more research into the company that’s selling and the company that’s growing, extracting, and manufacturing. Remember, you want to find naturally extracted CBD oil.

Step #5. Determine CBD Potency and Concentration

You want to keep two factors in mind when it comes to the quality of your CBD oil. The first is the composition of the oil. How much CBD is on the CBD product compared to the rest of the ingredients. The second factor is the concentration of the product. How potent is the CBD that is used in the oil? Across the full-spectrum of CBD products, you will need to test various CBD products to find the right composition and concentration to fit your needs. In most cases, the amount of CBD is listed on the CBD product; the CBD amount should be listed if you’re going to purchase the product. For example, a CBD product that has 1000 mg of CBD will typically contain 200-350 mg of concentrated CBD in it. What’s more, the fluid concentration of the CBD should be adjusted accordingly in the product. For the most part, 80 mg of CBD per fluid ounce is the lowest ratio you want to go, or the CBD will not be as effective.

Step #6. Determine Who Is Responsible For The CBD Product?

If you were to shop for a pair of shoes, the manufacturer of those shoes would be responsible for under performance or the quality of those shoes. They must deliver on their promise. Also, you would like for guarantees on quality, effects, and more. You should expect the same out of your CBD products. Do your research and determine if the manufacturer is going to be held accountable for their product. In the event that you purchase a CBD product that is bad, toxic, or harmful, the manufacturer should be held accountable for distributing the product. At the end of the day, you want to protect yourself.

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