How Much CBD Should I Take?

As you’re discovering CBD products, you may be wondering how much you should take. For most, start with a small dosage. Starting with a small dosage gives you the opportunity to adjust up instead of down with each experience. The biggest thing to remember when starting CBD is that each person’s body is different when it comes to the intensity of the CBD. If you want to enjoy the wonderful effects of CBD products, you need to figure out how much you need to take to get what you need, whether that be to address disease states or simply enhance your life. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to determine your optimal dosage without taking too much.

Is There A CBD Dosage Guideline

The short answer is your body. How your body reacts to the CBD you consume will determine the amount you need to enjoy your CBD products fully. It’s safe to say that some trial dosages will be needed to determine an accurate amount that best suits you and your needs. The best approach is to start with the smallest dosage available and work your way up with each safe dosage. This means that you may need to try your CBD products over the course of a few weeks to determine the perfect dose for you.

Do Not Take The Same Dosage As Someone Else

Until you know what your body needs to enjoy the effect of CBD products, do not take the same dosage as your friend or loved one. In fact, keep track of your dosage amounts as you increase them to make sure that you find the ideal amount. The goal is to find what your body needs, not what others think it needs. There is a big difference between these two distinctions. Remember, read the CBD dosage instruction on the product and follow them. Reduce or increase your dosage as you need, but remain safe with how often you take your CBD.

How Many CBD Doses Per Day?

Depending on concentration and method, you will want to spread out one dose per day or two over the span of one or two weeks. You do not want to take more than one dose per day until you understand how the CBD product will react with your body. This is to make sure you get the optimal experience. It’s better to ease into a higher dose than it is to guess at what may or may not work for you and your body. Take two to four weeks to determine what is the best dose for a given CBD product brand and concentration before moving on to other products or dosing amounts.

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