How CBD Helps With Anxiety

40 million adults in the United States every year? What’s more, those who suffer from anxiety disorders are more than three times more likely to schedule visits with their general physician, as well as six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders. With such an epidemic on our hands, it’s no surprise why so many are leaning on CBD studies to clinically prove the relief that CBD can have on anxiety and its adverse effects. In this article, CBeyond Health will explore how CBD has been shown to possibly help with anxiety disorders.

Studies Show CBD Helps Reduce Anxiety

A small double-blind study in Brazil was conducted that showed an anxiety afflicted group of patients find moderate amounts of relief from their anxiety. What’s more, the study included patient reports and brain scans to identify exactly how the CBD affected the patients in the study. Cerebral blood flow patterns were monitored, which showed anti-anxiety in effect. Another study conducted to show how CBD affected those suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder prior to a public speaking event. The test simulated a public speaking event, where patients reported feeling less anxious about giving the speech. Furthermore, blood pressure and heart rates were monitored, which showed the anti-anxiety effects post CBD ingestion. In these two studies alone, researchers can agree that CBD helped to reduce anxiety in those who ingest it prior to situations, events, or occurrences that make them nervous or overwhelmed. The patients who took CBD during the second study mentioned above noted that they experienced reduced overall anxiety, difficulty speaking, and situational discomfort. The placebo group reported that they experienced increased anxiety, a difficulty speaking, and general cognitive impairment.

Why Choose CBD As An Option For Anxiety

As more research is shared, CBD has been showing great potential as a supplement or product that may help with reducing anxiety disorders and related symptoms. There are various products on the market that you can consider for reducing your own anxiety, such as drops, sprays, and creams. Be sure to research the company you are purchasing from so that you get the highest quality hemp-derived CBD oil on the market. There are a wide spectrum of brands to choose from. You have near unlimited options. What’s most important is understanding your own needs, first. Without a clear understanding of what you need to help reduce your anxiety, you will have a tough time finding the right hemp-derived CBD for you. For reference, hemp-derived CBD oil is taken from lawfully cultivated and harvested hemp plants that have less than 0.3 percent THC content, not enough to cause any physical effects in your body. Remember, start with small doses and adjust accordingly.

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