7 Ways to Enjoy CBD Every Day

Did you know that cannabis is a plant family, not the marijuana plant itself? Most get this mixed up, because cannabis and marijuana are so closely associated with one another. Did you know that hemp is also a part of the cannabis plant family? In fact, CBD can be extracted from hemp. Typically, hemp-derived CBD is non-psychoactive to the extremely low levels of THC (less than 0.03 percent). This is why hemp is such a great plant to utilize. It offers some of the best CBD without the “high” that THC typically offers to consumers. Now, you may be wondering if smoking CBD is the only way to enjoy it. While many still smoke to enjoy CBD, there are many ways you can have fun with CBD without having to smoke. In this article, C Beyond Health shares how you can enjoy CBD without having to smoke anything — and it’s pretty simple, too.

Here’s How You Can Enjoy CBD

#1. Drip Drops

You can drip drops beneath your tongue to enjoy CBD orally. When you hold the CBD oil beneath your tongue, your mucus membranes will absorb the product. This sublingual application offers a quicker way to get CBD into your body compared to a lotion or ingesting the product.

#2. Ingest

You can swallow CBD oil or you can consume CBD treats to ingest it. This process does result in the CBD taking a little bit longer to get into your system, but this method typically offers a more gradual introduction to the benefits of CBD on your body.

#3. Inhale

Instead of smoking, you can cape your CBD oil. This is similar to smoking, but the vape allows for easy access and uses and refillable cartridges. When you inhale your CBD, it gets absorbed through the large inner surface area of your lungs.

#4. Chew

Did you know there are CBD gum products? That’s right! You can find a nice CBD gum to chew on and absorb/ingest the oil through your mouth and stomach as you enjoy a nice experience. If you’re a gum fan, CBD chewables are a great product for you to try.

#5. Mix

You can mix your CBD products with almost anything. Take your favorite morning beverage, for example. You can drip a drop or two in your morning tea to enjoy the effects. What’s more, you can add your CBD to your food. It’s a great way to add some extra delicious flavor to your day.

#6. Rub

You can use topical products with CBD in them and rub these lotions or waxes on your skin. This is a great way to include lotion into your daily routine. For some, they add lotion to their skin after a shower. Others use lotion before a workout. No matter how you use lotion, you can include CBD into your daily routine and enjoy it.

#7. Spray

If you prefer spray, there are CBD products that allow you to mist it over areas of your skin and rub it in. The convenience of spray makes enjoying CBD super easy and accessible. What’s more, spray allows for an even, gradual exposure to the CBD over time, similar to ingesting CBD.

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