5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About CBD

CBD is an emerging product that consumers are welcoming with open arms. Much of what is happening with legislation is a footnote in the eventual potential that CBD offers consumers in regards to bettering their already healthy lives and enhancing their already engaged minds. One of the great benefits to CBDinnovation is that surprising facts surface from in-depth scientific studies, as well as industry experts sharing knowledge gained with the use of CBD. In this article, CBeyond Health is going to share five surprising facts that you didn’t already know about CBD.

Five Surprising CBD Facts

As a CBD consumer, you’re probably curious about the research. At CBeyond Health, we encourage further research into CBD, CBG, and hemp-based products. As research continues, here are five surprising facts you didn’t already know about CBD:

Fact #1. Soothe Your Sunburn

CBD lotions, sprays, and salves have been reported to help soothe sunburns. This means that after a day or two in the sun, reach for the CBD infused topical or spray as opposed to your traditional choice. Inflammation is the primary irritant of a sunburn. CBD exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a great way to help keep your irritated skin at ease while it heals.

Fact #2. Calm Your Worry

Did you know that clinical studies showed zero negative side effects to consuming too much CBD, as long as what you’re consuming contains no THC? In fact, you would need to ingest at least 20 mg per two-pounds up to your own body weight to see any adverse effects. That’s a lot of CBD! For most, small or moderate doses is all you need to enjoy CBD.

Fact #3. Ingesting CBD Gives You More Nutrients

CBD has a high bioavailability, which means it absorbs into your body more effectively when you ingest it instead of inhale it. Ingesting CBD allows for your body to process around 70 percent of the product’s nutrients. The best way for your body to enjoy CBD is to ingest it.

Fact #4. CBD Stimulates And Sedates

Depending on the person, the dosage, and the source of the CBD, it can sedate or stimulate consumers. For the most part, CBD has been labeled as sleep-inducing. In fact, CBD is an adaptogen, which means it can affect people differently depending on various other factors. More research is needed to draw any definitive conclusions, but early research showed that CBD dosage, consumer, and CBD source can influence the overall effect.

Fact #5. Take Your CBD Like A Vitamin

For most of us, we’re taking a daily multivitamin or a number of vitamins to make sure we get the nutrients we need. CBD can be taken with your daily vitamins. Start with a smaller than desired dose to begin integrating the wonderful effects, and increase the dose over time.

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At CBeyond Health, we’re on a mission to help our customers understand hemp, CBD, and CBG. If you’re looking to enhance your already healthy life, consider hemp-derived, pharmaceutical-grade CBD products today!

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