11 Ways to Make Your Workouts More Effective

Do you want to get more out of your workouts? Have you been trying to switch it up to keep your body guessing? None of these strategies working? You want every single workout to count, but you’re not sure what’s holding you back. You’ve searched “workout tips” online. You’ve Facebook messaged your best friend, who is a trainer. Nothing seems to be getting you passed this plateau. At C Beyond Health, we do more than offer you CBD products; we want you to enhance your full, healthy life. For years, we’ve been helping people just like you find effective CBD products to integrate into their fitness and lifestyle routines. Below, you’ll find five ways to Make Your Workouts More Effective.

How to Make Your Workouts More Effective

#1. Start Your Morning with a Cup of Coffee

For years, coffee has been a staple in many individual’s lives. Now, we head over to our favorite coffee shop and get a latte or a flavored mocha. What you need to drink is a black cup of coffee. Avoid sugar, if you can. Coffee helps stimulate your central nervous system, which is a nice little “kick” in the morning.

#2. Plan Your Gym Workout Before You Go

While you’re drinking your morning coffee, make a plan toward what you want to achieve at the gym. Going into the gym without a plan is a waste of your time. A plan directs your actions to specific workouts. You focus more on what you’re doing. Your mind doesn’t wander during your sets.

#3. Create a Music Playlist

It can be tempting at the gym to talk to other people. However, you want to get in, get your workout completed, and get out. The gym is not social hour. A great way to keep focused is to create a motivational playlist that you listen to each time you go to the gym. You could go as far as making a playlist for each type of workout day. For example, leg day is a list of your favorite pump-up music.

#4. Leverage Airplane Mode

No, you’re not getting on a plane, but airplane mode isolates you from meaningless distractions. Set your playlist, turn airplane mode on, and get to work. There’s nothing worse than being halfway through a workout and getting distracted by a troll online. Trust us, the troll will be there when you’re done. Get focused. Turn airplane mode on.

#5. Start with Dynamic Stretching

A good 10-minute session of dynamic stretching before your workout helps you reduce the chance of injury and increase your ability to do more during your exercises. There is an upside to stretching before a workout. Do it more often and keep your muscles, ligaments, and tendons happy.

#6. Alternate Workout Types

You may be focusing primarily on cardio, but what if you added a day or two per week of strength training? How would your body react? For most, embracing strength training is a tough task, but it’s one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. When you throw a different challenge at your body at least twice a week, it actually makes you a stronger person.

#7. Decrease Rest Time. Increase Endurance.

Depending on your workout, you may take a few to several minutes to rest between each set. Your workout takes around 45 minutes. What if you could shave 15 minutes off your workout and still get the same amount of work in? The secret is reducing your rest time. You don’t need to increase the intensity of your workout. The reduction of rest challenges your body, and it gives you a huge time trimming.

#8. Compound Movements Involve More Muscles

You may want to isolate muscles to really get your pump on. But you can get more out of your workout in less time if you include compound movements into your routine. This simply means you’re doing complex movements that involve more than one or two sets of muscles. Olympic style lifts are a great place to get started.

#9. Think About the Muscles You’re Exercising

One advanced tactic is to think about the muscle you’re targeting while doing your set. For example, if you’re doing squats, focus your mind on your hamstrings. Imagine yourself going through the motions of squatting with the weight and powering upwards to complete the set. This has been shown to better insulate the nerve pathways between the motion and your brain.

#10. Track Your Progress

Each workout is your attempt to get better at something. Lift more weight, run a lap faster, hold a position longer. So why are you not tracking your progress? You want to know what you’re aiming for or you’ll never intentionally hit it. For most, they never reach their goals because they don’t have any. Track your progress and make each workout count.

#11. Get Sleep

Your sleep is where you recover. Your body heals while you slumber. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, as well as high-quality sleep. The temperature, light, and noise in your bedroom matter. Take a look at how these factors affect your sleep and then make the necessary adjustments.

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