10 Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles Naturally

If you participate in any kind of fitness, your body is going to need to recover. For most, recovery means sitting on the couch with a bag of potato chips while watching their favorite sitcom. For you, however, it means actively assisting your body through the recovery process. What’s more, CBD products are a great way to enhance your life. Many people are using it as a part of their recovery and healing routine effectively. In this article, C Beyond Health is going to share some quick fixes for sore muscles that are natural.

How to Relieve Sore Muscles

You must understand that there are two different kinds of muscle soreness. The first is acute muscle soreness, which is typically categorized as “immediate” soreness. The second is delayed soreness, otherwise known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Depending on your type of muscle soreness, you will want to use the tips in this article slightly differently. Acute muscle soreness is typically felt directly after or within 24 hours of a workout. This soreness is usually described as a dull burning sensation. The muscles you just worked out feel swollen and, in some cases, stiff to move. DOMS is usually experienced between 24 and 72 hours post workout. Typically, DOMS occurs because you’ve used your muscles in a way that they’ve never been used before. The micro-tears you create while working out cause the inflammation, which leads to these two stages of soreness. “No pain, no gain” has been commonly preached in weight rooms around the globe. There is some truth to this statement. Instead, it should be said that “no soreness, no gain.” Pain is a sign that something is wrong. Soreness is a sign that your body is doing its best to heal. You want to push yourself to deepen your threshold but not to the point of pain.

#1. Stretch Before and After Your Workout

Before you start your workout, you want to get your muscles warm. Cold muscles are at increased risk by being used in any kind of workout. Warm muscles actually give you a slight boost to get better results from your fitness routine. Once your workout is complete, stretch the muscles you just focused on in your routine. Stretching encourages blood flow. You need oxygenated blood to help heal the muscles you just stressed during your fitness routine.

#2. Warm Up Before Weights

For most, stretching is a great way to warm up their muscles and body. You can, however, warm up without stretching, but it may take a little longer to get your body ready for lifting weights. A great way to warm up is to do some static movements until warm and then do some dynamic movements to really get things heated up.

#3. Hydrate Often

Too many people don’t drink enough water. You’re not alone in struggling to hydrate yourself. It’s tough to keep water on you at all times so that you can drink it constantly throughout the day. If you’re working out, you must stay hydrated to get the maximum effects of your fitness routine.

#4. Master Your Form

With the surfacing of workout programs that encourage sharp, harsh movements while carrying, holding, or moving weight, most people think their bodies are invincible. As much as we love superhero movies, this simply isn’t true. You need to make sure your form, no matter the workout, is mastered so that you can reduce the risk of injury and increase the chance of positive results.

#5. Take an Ice Bath

Submitting yourself to nearly freezing water? No thanks. While an ice bath sounds like a terrible idea, it’s actually super helpful in reducing unwanted inflammation, as well as improving the healing process. Make sure you don’t stay in the ice bath for too long. Consult your doctor or certified fitness professional for more information on this technique.

#6. Increase Blood Flow

Oxygenated blood is the key to happy muscles. If you have sore muscles, combining ice and heat will help simulate the balancing and increasing blood flow to a given set of sore muscles. In the case that you have tight muscles, heating up the area helps loosen them up.

#7. You Need to Use Your Sore Muscles

If you’re not injured, but you simply have sore muscles the day after an intense workout, use them. A gentle walk around the block, some body-weight exercises, active stretching, and so much more increases blood flow to your muscles, which, again, increases blood flow.

#8. Get A Targeted Massage

A great way to rub out your sore muscles is to get a professional massage. Let the professional know about your sore muscles and the areas you would like to be targeted. This practice does more than loosen up sore muscles; it also helps you relax. When we’re stressed, we don’t heal as well.

#9. Take Supplements

Most people take some kind of protein or supplement shake after their workout. This means that you can use that shake to help your body heal more. Anti-inflammatory foods and beverages help reduce muscle soreness, as well as other miscellaneous products you can find in your local store.

#10. Get Your Sleep

There’s a lot of “hustle” culture bleeding into the fitness world. So many people work really hard to accomplish fitness goals, but they do one thing wrong that sabotages nearly all of their efforts. They lack high-quality sleep, which tends to directly associate with the number of hours you can sleep. Make sleep a priority, and you will notice that muscles soreness doesn’t last as long.

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